Tumblr Aesthetic Notepad

Are we thinking the same thing? Well, we don't know! But if you left us a note in your brand new Tumblr aesthetic notepad we could! Choose between our four in house designs or let us surprise you with our favorite once you open the box! We might even leave a note ;)

We're working hard to keep up with the demand! We select, inspect and send each one of our products with all our love and free shipping (approximately 2-3 weeks) to every single place on Earth (and select locations within the Solar System)

Hand of Destiny LadyStuff® Bag

Okay. We listened to you. We pulled all nighters looking at every one of your suggestions. Guys: we did it. We created the perfect bag. We cried a little, and hope you will too when this arrives at your doorstep and fits right in to any and all outfits. 

Dainty in Gold LadyStuff® x Wishbone Bear 6 Piece Ring Set

LadyStuff® x Wishbone Bear are at it again with their goal of making you look like the beautiful, gorgeous lady you are. Our exclusively designed 6 piece ring set is full of love– literally. Designed with hearts and fancy schmancy goldness, looking down at your fingers when you wear our rings will remind you of all that's good in the world.